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01 No quality, no business tomorrow.

02 Quality, the company's future battle field and eternal theme.

03 To promote quality activities for each staff, to enhance their morale.

04 The ISO 9001, the golden key for enterprises to open the global market.

05 Quality certification, the passport of the corporate globalization as well as the starting point of the enterprise management.

06 All people participate, to strengthen management, to keep improving and to cast quality.

07 Emphasis on practical results, improve management, enhance quality, and create efficiency.

08 An outstanding staff should be loyal to the company, to the occupation and to the personality.

09 Winners make use of ways while losers make use of excuses.

10 Teamwork is the core of the corporate culture.

11 Technology is the basis, and management is the driving force.

12 Action is the beginning of success, while waiting is the source of failure.

13 The secret of successful business management lies in the pursuit of brand, management and human resources.

14 Communication and cooperation, bring you close contact and unlimited benefits.

15 No quality, no market; no improvement, no progress.

16 To foster ceremonial staff, to create team spirit.

17 5S makes clean and bright, tidy and comfortable, safe and efficient.

18 5S --- to reduce waste and costs, to create a cordial atmosphere and working standards, and to improve quality and safety assurance.

19 The ISO14000, the basis to create a green and harmonious mankind environment.

20 To provide quality products, the best way to return customers.

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